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Happy Halloween!

candy loving cat, happy halloween, pumpkin patch

Third illustration of this candy loving cat. Not much to say here, but Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween y'all!

Tulsa Illustration, Oakland Illustrator, Halloween cat and witch.

Well the season for themes is around and I found myself drawing this cat. He's a bad kitty that has an affinity for candy. The one on the right was a concept that I didn't finish, but those two actually stole candy from trick-or-treators, but only from the teenagers that are too old and should have stopped years ago.

Illustration Exercise

Jason Budowski Illustrations, Tulsa Oklahoma

OK, so this is a snapshot and not a scan... I was feeling lazy and didn't want to turn on the confounded printer. This was a sketch of a posed stock photo I found on deviantart.com , which has some great resources AND artists.

Doggy Fro Picks?

poodle illustration, ridiculous poodle hair cut

I saw a photograph of show poodle yesterday that looked like the drawing on the right. We are dog people in this house so "that" this dog was sculpted like a rich mans shrub was not so astonishing, it was the height and body of the fur! It was over a foot off the top of its head. So with my imagination struggling to understand what this dog looked like before his hair-cut, I came up with with the BEFORE drawing to illustrate what he probably looked like before his trip to doggy super-cuts!

I wonder if I could pick up a doggy-afro-pick at Pet-Smart?

Budowski Illustration Logo

Budowski Illustration Logo of a chicken with attitude

I read somewhere that the more you push a drawing the better the results. I would give credit if I could remember who said this for no other reason that I would like see how much they pushed their work. I know a it was Disney animator talking about creating lively characters. It is totally a strange notion to think that those old school animators drew frame-by-frame characters that had unique personalities.

Formal Presentation of Birds (Mostly Roosters)

Illustrations chickens, fowl, cardinals, roosters, royal palm turkey, Belgium bantam, Peking bantam, bantum, seabright, australian pit game

Here is the original series. I was thinking it would look great in a 36 inch wide dark frame with a few inches of molding or even custom molding for each of these 8 drawings.